Cooking Space is available for rent on an hourly basis subject to a minimum hire of 8 hours per booking per month which can be split up over several days/sessions. Please contact us for once off bookings as we only accept them in limited numbers with specific requirements. We give priority to users wanting to use the kitchen on a longer term and regular basis.

Casual Monthly


per hour + GST

Perfect for new business

Minimum 8 hours hire per month

24/7 Access – priority given to regular users

No storage

Off street car parking

Can be used over several sessions

Regular Weekly -
Business Hours


per hour + GST

For regular business hour hires

Minimum 8 hours hire per week

24/7 access

Complimentary Limited Storage included

Off street car parking

Can be used over several sessions

Regular Weekly -
After Hours​


per hour + GST

For those that can work during unpopular times

Minimum 8 hours hire per week from 5 pm – 6 am

24/7 access

Complimentary Limited Storage included

Off street car parking

Can be used over several sessions

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Hiring Policy

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct permits. We recommend that you contact your local council’s Health Services department to confirm your requirements as you may incur heavy fines for failure to comply with the Food Act.

If you are considering using our kitchen please:

  • Contact us to confirm availability for your required schedule.
  • Arrange an inspection to ensure our facility meets your requirement.
  • Complete an online application rental form including reading and agreeing to the latest rental policy.

Once we have received your application, we will email you a statement for the security deposit and invoice for any bookings you may wish to confirm.

To use our facility, you need to apply for a temporary or fixed premise food registration. Private use such as food testing or recipe building are generally not required to apply. It is best to contact your local council health services officer to determine if you need to register or not.

Click button to download Rental Hiring Policy

Temporary or
Fixed Registration

Which type of registration that applies to you depends on a number of criteria.

If you are unsure please contact us


Temporary Registrations (Streatrader)

All temporary registrations are administered by council through the Streatrader web portal – Registration allows businesses to use approved premises on an irregular or once off basis for example, weekend market stalls or at a festival. This also mean that you must bring everything to the premise and take it all away with you.

If you already have your own Streatrader registration, then log in and lodge a statement of trade for the dates you want to use the kitchen. Council will then confirm with us the dates before approving the statement of trade. A paid deposit and rent will need to be completed for us to do so.

Please note that we DO NOT accept Streatrader applications to use our facility address for their registration. You must have your own Streatrader registration already to use our facilities.


Fixed Premise Registrations

If you do not meet the temporary registration criteria then you can apply for a fixed premise registration with Council. A fixed premise registration has a minimum registration period of 12 months and will attract minimum monthly rental conditions applicable up until the date you abolish your registration

Please contact the relevant council Health Services department for the forms required to apply for a fixed premise registration. To complete your application, you will need to meet with our Health Officer at Cooking Space. For us to give permission to do so, we must have received a completed rental application form and the security deposit. The minimum monthly rental starts on the date of your registration approval.

If for some reason your application is rejected, your deposit and any rental paid will be refunded as long as evidence can be provided that your application was rejected.

Ready to Start Cooking?

If you are ready to start cooking with us, please make sure you have read our Terms and Conditions and start your application now. We will be in touch via email once we have received your application.