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This rental application must be completed prior to registering and/or using the facility. By submitting this application you are agreeing to our terms and conditions set out in the latest rental policy, which you can view here. You should review this to avoid deductions of your deposit.

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By submitting this form, the Person Responsible acknowledges he/she has read the latest rental policy by Cooking Space and hereby accept the responsibility associated with it. By so doing acknowledge that he/she am solely responsible for carrying out the provisions contained in the rental policy. Delegation of any or all of these responsibilities to other parties will not relieve he/she of any liability incurred therein.

The Person Responsible agrees to reimburse Cooking Space Pty Limited, Cooking Space West Pty Ltd or Cooking Space North Pty Ltd for any damages arising from their occupancy of the facility they are renting.

Please check that your details are correct before submitting this application.