Yes, subject to availability. Generally, we put businesses that require full time hours in one of our dedicated kitchens (not shared) on a long term lease. As the dedicated kitchens are rented on a long term basis, they are only available from time to time. Please contact us to check availability.

We don’t accept cancellations once a booking is confirmed. This is to ensure that cancelled bookings do not prevent others who may have wanted to use the kitchen at the same time. We do accept rescheduling of bookings with 48 hour’s notice to another time slot within the same calendar month subject to availability.

Sharing means several businesses take turn to use the same kitchen. We do not allow more than one business to use the kitchen at any one time. This is to limit any cross contamination of food and processes. Cold and dry storage areas are also shared but are generally stored in food grade lockable containers. Generally, regular users are allocated one container of cold and dry store as complimentary. Or if you have a large amount of storage, you can do so only overnight as our storage capacity are limited.

To use our kitchen, you are responsible for cleaning up after yourself. This includes sweeping, mopping, wiping down equipment, clean oven, and cooktops etc. We usually advise 30-45 minutes of cleaning time. Cooking Space does a bi-weekly or monthly deep clean of our kitchen with a professional cleaner.

Yes we do. After hours is anytime from 6:00 pm – 6:00 am. Please check out pricing page for more information. Further discounts may be considered depending on the number of hours booked. Please contact us to discuss.

Full payment of the invoice is required in advance of your booking to confirm it. We require the payment of a $1,000 refundable bond for all limited access bookings. For regular weekly hires, the bond is increased to 4 weeks rent. To ensure the bond is not deducted, you are required to leave the kitchen clean with no damages. Do not remove any items that belong in the kitchen. Registration with Council is your responsibility.

If you are running overtime, you need to contact us to ensure there isn’t a booking following you. If there is, you will need to finish up and clean up immediately. If there isn’t a booking, you can continue working and the additional hours will be invoiced. Please ensure you leave at least 30-45 minutes for cleaning and to also include packing and unpacking time.

Yes. The facility is accessible 24/7. Where possible you should try to schedule your deliveries during your time in the kitchen. It is your responsibility to ensure your food is secure and not tampered with. If you are not on site to accept deliveries, we may be able to help with adequate notice. Otherwise, no one will accept your delivery.

You have full use of all the equipment and large pots in the kitchen. You should bring all loose items for example, your own utensils, mixing bowls, pans, chopping boards any small cooking items so you know they are fit for your purpose. You should also bring your own tea towels and sponges to avoid cross contamination. We will meet with you on your first day to run you through the kitchen including how to operate all the equipment.

Yes, we have no issues with you working with delivery partners and drivers picking up from our site. Please ensure that you set up your own signage to make it easy for them to find you. We provide unlimited NBN access to allow you to operate with delivery partners ordering system.

Most of our kitchens can be HACCP approved. We are able to work with you to make changes that you would need to ensure that you receive your HACCP certification. Please call us to discuss.

Food Registration Permit is connected to a kitchen. So, if you do decide to use one of our kitchens, the kitchen you select will be the kitchen you are registered with. A fixed premise registration has a minimum registration period of 12 months and will attract minimum monthly rental conditions applicable up until the date you abolish your registration.

Please contact the relevant council Health Services department for the forms required to apply for a fixed premise registration. To complete your application, you will need to meet with our Health Officer at Cooking Space. For us to give you permission to do so, we must have received a completed rental application form, bond and first month’s rent. The minimum monthly rental starts on the date of your registration approval.

If for some reason your application is rejected, your deposit and any rental paid will be refunded as long as evidence can be provided that your application was rejected.

All temporary registrations are administered by council through the Streatrader website https://streatrader.health.vic.gov.au/ Registration allows businesses to use approved premises on an irregular or once off basis for example, weekend market stalls or at a festival. This also mean that you must bring everything to the premise and take it all away with you.

If you already have your own Streatrader registration, then log in and lodge a statement of trade for the dates you want to use the kitchen. Council will then confirm with us the dates before approving the statement of trade. A paid deposit and rent will need to be completed for us to do so. Please note that we DO NOT accept Streatrader applications to use our facility address for their registration. You must have your own Streatrader registration already to use our facilities.