We focus on bookings on a long term basis

Cooking Space is available for rent on an hourly basis subject to minimum hire conditions. Please contact us for once off bookings as we only accept them in limited numbers. We give priority to users wanting to use the kitchen on a long term, regular or casual basis.

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Casual Access

$45 /hour +GST

Perfect for ad hoc bookings

  • Minimum 8 hours hire per booking or
  • Minimum 8 hours hire per month for long term users
  • 24/7 Access - priority given to regular users
  • No storage
  • Off street car parking
  • Can be used over several sessions

Weekly - Business Hours

$35 /hour +GST

For regular business hour hires

  • Minimum 8 hours hire per week
  • 24/7 access
  • Complimentary Limited Storage included
  • Off street car parking
  • Can be used over several sessions

Regular Weekly - After Hours

$30 /hour +GST

For those that can work during unpopular times

  • Minimum 8 hours hire per week from 4pm/5pm
  • 24/7 access
  • Complimentary Limited Storage included
  • Off street car parking
  • Can be used over several sessions

Questions & Answers

Do you have kitchens for rent on an exclusive basis?

Yes, subject to availability. Generally, we put businesses that require full time hours in one of our dedicated kitchens (not shared) on a long term lease. The North Melbourne facility has six dedicated kitchens and the Port Melbourne facility has 13 dedicated kitchens and one shared kitchen. As the dedicated kitchens are rented on a long term basis, they are only available from time to time. Please contact us to check availability.

Can I change/cancel my booking?

Generally, we don't accept cancellations once a booking is confirmed. This is to ensure that cancelled bookings do not prevent others who may have wanted to use the kitchen at the same time. We do accept rescheduling of bookings with 48 hours notice to another time slot within the same calendar month subject to availability.

How does sharing work?

Sharing means several businesses take turn to use the same kitchen. We do not allow more than one business to use the kitchen at any one time. This is to limit any cross contamination of food and processes. Cold and dry storage areas are also shared but are generally sectioned to individual businesses. Generally, regular users are allocated one container of cold and dry store as complimentary. Or if you have a large amount of storage, you can do so only overnight as our storage capacity are limited.

Do you offer discounts for working after hours?

Yes we do. Please see pricing above for after hours weekly hires. For any casual bookings that fall between the hours of 4pm and 6am, we give up to 10% discount. Further discounts may be considered depending on the amount of hours booked.

Is there a bond?

Full payment of the invoice is required in advance of your booking to confirm it. We require the payment of a $1,000 refundable bond for all bookings. For regular weekly hires, the bond is increased to 4 weeks rent. To ensure the bond is not deducted, you are required to leave the kitchen clean with no damages. Do not remove any items that belong in the kitchen. Registration with Council is your responsibility.

What happens if I don't finish on time?

If you are running overtime, you need to contact us to ensure there isn't a booking following you. If there is, you will need to finish up and clean up immediately. If there isn't you can continue working and the additional hours will be invoiced separately or deducted from the bond. Please ensure you leave at least 30 minutes for cleaning and to also include packing and unpacking time.

Can I receive deliveries?

Yes. The facility is accessible 24/7. Where possible you should try to schedule your deliveries during your time in the kitchen. It is your responsibility to ensure your food is secure and not tampered with. If you are not on site to accept deliveries, we may be able to help with adequate notice. Otherwise, no one will accept your delivery. So not to interrupt those that are working in the kitchen, pick-up's and drop-off's are limited to before 8 am and after 4pm.

What do I need to bring?

You have full use of all the equipment and basic pots and pans in the kitchen. You should bring all loose items for example, your own utensils so you know they are not broken and fit for your purpose. You should also bring your own tea towels and paper towels to avoid cross contamination. We will meet with you on your first day to run you through the kitchen including how to operate all the equipment.

Not Sure if this is Right For You?

If you are still not sure if our facility is suitable for your business, contact us with any questions or suggestions you have.

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