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Commercial kitchen hire on permanent part time basis or by the hour.
A smart and flexible way to start your food business.


Melbourne commercial kitchen hire.

You can rent a fully equipped commercial kitchen on an hourly basis and purpose built to Council Health Department specifications so that you can start your food business quickly. Leave the management of the property and maintenance worries to us so you can focus on your business. We have taken on this risk and reduced it to a fixed cost – a cost which includes all utilities and property outgoings. Once you are ready to move into your own kitchen, we have kitchens that can be rented on an exclusive basis subject to availability. You can grow your business with us!

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We invest time and money in commercial kitchens so you can focus on what you do best.

We cater to more than one business so contact us to arrange an inspection or for more information. Once you are confident with where your business is at you can move into your own kitchen. Cooking Space is a concept that goes beyond the facility. We are here to provide support, advice and industry contacts. Cooking Space will grow with you and your business.


The idea is you pay for the kitchen only when you use it. Everything else we will pay! When it is your turn to use the kitchen, you have exclusive use of it and all the equipment. After all, it is the use of the equipment that generate profits not the ownership. And why pay for something when you don't use it all the time!


Whether you are looking to use the kitchen for a one off event or a regular gig for the next few months, we cater to all schedules. You can access the facility 24/7 to pick things up or drop things off without charge. Bookings are subject to availability.


The rental rate is all you pay, everything else is included. We pay all utilities, outgoings, insurance, commercial bin collection and provide cleaning tools and chemicals. We also repair and maintain the equipment. It is truly worry free.


It is a busy kitchen! As such we have to discourage long term storage. If you only need to store overnight or couple of days, complimentary storage usually can be arranged subject to availability. We provide lockable food grade containers for your security.


No personal guarantees required, just a refundable rental bond subject to our rental terms and conditions. As long as you clean up and there are no damages, the bond is fully refunded.


Contact us to check availability. Then complete our online rental application form by following this link. The booking is confirmed once payment is received. Please check with your local council if you need to register your business. It is your responsibility to obtain the necessary permits beforehand. We will meet with you on your first booking to help you settle in.

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Commercial Kitchen Rental by the Hour

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