Commercial kitchens for hire

Come to Cooking Space and hire a commercial kitchen to start your food business immediately. Commercial kitchen rental on a permanent part time basis or by the hour in Melbourne.

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We have invested the time and money to setup commercial kitchens to allow you to focus on what you do best, food.

Think of us as an outsourced property service. We provide private fully equipped commercial kitchens for rent purpose built to Council Health Department specifications so that you can operate a commercial food business in no time. We have taken on this risk and reduced it to a fixed cost – a cost which includes all utilities and property outgoings so you can better budget.

We pay your utilities

The idea is that you pay for what you use. Everything else we will pay! This includes all utilities and commercial bin collection. We even provide all cleaning chemicals. It is hassle free with no hidden costs.

No personal guarantees required

Unless you want a lease, no personal guarantees required, just a deposit. Leave the property and maintenance worries to us. It is truly better than leasing your own kitchen as we will do our very best to accommodate to your every need.

Pay for what you use

Why pay a lease or build a kitchen when you dont use it all the time? It is the use of the equipment that generates profits, not the ownership!

Rent instead and keep the surplus cash to grow and expand your business. We are flexible to accommodate all schedules and even discount the more you use it. And with no hidden costs, the quoted rate is all you pay. Conditions apply.

The Facility is how we are different

We have made significant investments in commercial equipment such as a blast chiller and placed expensive combination ovens in every kitchen. Furthermore, the kitchens are private not shared. It is just not possible to share the same oven without getting in each others way though others will lead you to believe it is possible.

Complimentary onsite storage is provided for regular users and those that only need it for a couple of days. Separate additional storage, washing, a cool room and meeting areas are provided outside of the kitchens and can be accessed before and after your use.

We cater for more than one business so contact us to arrange an inspection or for more information.

Once you are confident with where your business is at you can move into your own kitchen. Cooking Space is a concept that goes beyond the facility. We are here to provide support, advice and industry contacts. Cooking Space will grow with you and your business.

Business Support

As food business owners we can provide you with advice and contacts. We have partnered with one of Melbourne's leading incubator the Darebin Enterprise Centre if you need further assistance.


Are you establishing a commercial kitchen-based operation?

Darebin Enterprise Centre Ltd. has extensive experience in assisting start-up enterprises across a number of business sectors.

Darebin Enterprise Centre consultants are offering consultation for any businesses looking to expand their operations within the commercial food-based sector.

Please contact David Williamson on (03) 9499 9100.

Alternatively visit www.decl.com.au for more information.

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